America, America, God Shed His Grace On Thee

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  I woke up this morning to blue sky’s in the west, a few lingering clouds overhead, dripping with the leftover rain drops from last nights storm. My faithful old lab was stretched comfortably on the new sheep skin rug beside my bed. I chuckled to myself as I remembered I had actually bought the rug to tickle my toes upon  rising in the mornings, but how Hooch gladly took it over as it was first introduced to my floor. My 7 month old Crested was stirring nervously beside me, alerting me she was in need of a potty. Neil still slumbered under our soft white linens so I quietly rose to the birds singing perfect pitched melodies and the Bob Whites calling to their neighbors.
   What a glorious morning to be alive!!!…after all, today’s our Lady America’s celebration of independence, giving us the right to “Life, Liberty, and Pursuit of Happiness”
It is humbling, to say the least to look around me and see what that right has allowed. This right that was fought for, giving this Barney family permission to be both cattle ranchers, and own a little French cafe’. It has allowed me the access to the best coffee beans in the world, all the while giving me the freedom of a passport, leading me on adventures, traveling…climbing the coffee fields of Haiti and the Dominican. It has allowed me the privilege of becoming friends with my coffee farmers and has provided a hope that there are many more of these trips ahead.
   A city girl at heart; an urban lover, yet…diversity seeker…an aficionado of the medley life style. You know, similar to a bag of mixed veggies, container of mixed nuts, or a box of assorted chocolates; a melange and assortment of different textures, flavors, aromas and colors. A conglomeration of ideas and views. I believe “variety” is the spice of life and when I travel I find myself imagining a life in that specific place. Most generally, I am at peace with it, knowing, that if, indeed I did take up residence there, I would find there would be new people to meet, experiences to be had, cultures to be explored. However…this morning upon awaking, I knew there was a connection and roots and a simple beginning out here on the ranch. I viewed, even as an near epiphany maybe, rural life as the bedrock: a foundational groundwork…the basis and roots of America’s beginning. A solidness, if you will, overflowing with tenacity and bravery. A principle our nation was founded on. And once again, I was thankful for this setting and I knew the roots ran deep. I was thankful Grace never allowed me to venture entirely away from this genesis.
   I am encouraged today, even knowing America has been through the many trying times…no matter the diversity of our beliefs, that if, we as lovers of this great country will hold fast to the authenticity of our toddling years, look to our roots and what freedom really means…we can mend what needs mending and be an exemplary strength for the rest of the world.
   Yes indeed…please take a moment to…Look back to the foundation. Reexamine your thankfulness. Look forward to an exciting future. What is it that this day has allowed you? Name them….for I’m sure there are many more than you might think. And so….
From Cafe’ Paradee, Neil, and our entire family….have the most meaningful Independence Day you’ve ever had…..celebrate your freedom: the right to “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness”….May it ring with out ceasing ????
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