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Many of you know from the day Cafe’ Paradee was conceived in my soul that bright, sunny day in Northern Texas, as I stood stirring a beurre manie’ into a hot simmering pot of Beef Bourguignon during a FRENCH class in culinary school, my vision was to serve society the best, the freshest, most palate pleasing lunches possible. No frozen soups. No prepackaged desserts. No vegetable oils or deep fat fryers. No iceberg lettuce and most of all, no preservatives. My finals in culinary school was to design a restaurant on paper; menus, recipes, budget, along with the decor style, right down to the fabric I intended to use. At age 51, I graduated earning the sought after title of “chef” with a A++. We began our search for the right location in and around Ft. Worth’s historic district. Nothing seemed right and all doors seemed to close to this dream as I travailed and strived to make things happen. Long story short…the dream was to come to fruition but not in the city I had planned. Skip forward a year and all I had to do was take out my final school project, open the binder and follow the plan…here we were, back in our home town of Woodward America where Cafe’ Paradee was birthed. The passion still ablaze to cook and serve and greet the people with fresh healthy REAL food. Skip ahead again…here we are, Main Street Woodward, 7 years latter. One thing lead to another and my hard work has paid off.

We have been chosen and have earned our certification as a “Healthy Eating” establishment in the state of Oklahoma. I am so proud to say I was chosen, because I didn’t go looking…the certification came to me.

As long as I can, I will continue to dream of superior food to serve you, my special people. And when the day comes I can no longer do fresh, do real, do it the healthy way. I will close my doors. Until then…we’ll see you for lunch and lattes.

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