Coffee Talk

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Mark you calendars…our premier night is Oct. 9th @ 6:00 pm. I’ve spent several years knowing this time was coming. It’s time…

COFFEE TALK…it’s for you, IF you have ever needed to…

   1. Find your tribe
   2. Expand your vision
   3. Begin a journey
   4. Heal your soul
   5. Learn to dream
   6. Drink good coffee
   7.  Etc. etc. etc.
I’m in the process of designing chicy t-shirts for us. A menu of amuse bouche is being planned. Much time alone has been spent listening, designing and prepping for this kick off. Never hesitate to message me with questions. And if you don’t mind…let me know if you are interested plus the size of t shirt you’d like for me to order…. love, light and laughter as you find your journey path.
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