Merry Christmas

 In Reflection through food

I always tell my Grands that they are my favorite. They each bring a special spark into my life, bringing joy and laughter only each can bring. So are all of favorite customer…each bringing your own uniqueness into our lives here at Cafe’ Paradee. You all are special to us. The simple truth is, you are the reason our doors remain open. Thank you to every one for sharing your life, your laughter, your ups, downs and victories with us. Cheers to you all. Merry Merry Christmas. And may your New Year be filled with hope, happiness, hilarity, and plenty of your favorite things. ?

We will be open today until 11.00 am for coffees and special pick-up orders. We will be closed all next week. Sunday morning after Santa comes we begin the road trip to LA with some of our kids..yes my friend, we have rented a 15 passenger van?. The Griswald Christmas Vacation on the road is gonna be real. I’m sure there will be plenty of anecdotes to tell. You’ll want to stay tuned.

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