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One Love…Coffee, it brings people together from the mountains of DonDon Haiti, as we crossed rushing rivers in the back of trucks, making our way up to a higher elevation on foot through rain forest like trails to see and touch and breathe in the experience where organic Blue Mountain coffee trees grow, to 2800 ft. above sea level in the Dominican, where I snacked on organic Caturra beans, drank fresh brewed pour through on the side of the mountain, gained knowledge about the life of the coffee bean from a seedling to the roasting and last but not least…danced a little Salsa in the local coffee shop; it was a trip that is forever stamped in the depths of my soul. An opportunity only my God could have orchestrated. An opportunity of a lifetime very few coffee shop owners will ever experience. To meet and thank the farmers who grow our liquid gold was an honor. And to them, again I say THNK-YOU. This is in part…my journey. And I am grateful.

Unpicked Coffee Beans


Shelled, Ready For Roasting


Mountains Of Haiti

In The Coffee Fields

Green Coffee Beans

Examining 10,000 Coffee Beans

Eating Chicken Feet

Coffe Beans In Burlap Bags

Haitian Coffee Farmer

Coffee Beans On The Tree

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