Update on the Coffee Fields of DonDon and Jarabacoa.

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“We got a lot of wind and much rain” says Philemon, the older gentlemen to my right. “But our fields have survived” When you sip my coffee, here at Cafe’ Paradee, this is the face of the man who works so hard to produce such an excellent bean.
   Edmond, to my left, is our interpreter. Edmond speaks 6 languages by the way….He lives just across the border into the Dominican Republic. He moved his family to a higher altitude for the duration and they are okay as well.
     The Ramirez Estate in Jarabacoa closed their doors, sent the workers home and hunkered down. And I am relieved to report that they have been spared as well.
     What a great report I received. And all is well.


This is the Cap Haitien airport we flew into on our coffee sourcing trip.


This pic is now…after Irma. Of course the coffee fields of DonDon are a little further inland. Praying Philemon’s crops that Cafe’ Paradee and customers replaced this past Spring have survived. I continue to see the faces of those precious souls as they do what they know to do to survive. My heart is in turmoil.

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