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What’s new at cafe’ Paradee?? We had a fantastic time feeding these lovelies…the Woodward Boomer Dance Team, for their pre-homecoming game dinner.  What a pleasure it is to be a part of our Kloey’s life and as a ripple effect, get to embrace the entire team. I love being owner/chef of my establishment. There are so many perks that come with wearing the many hats this business calls for. Perks like: my grandson #5 Kole, quarterback for the Boomers, bringing some of his buddies in for lunches. Yes, of course, they eat free ?..my dancer/artist/actor, Eve bringing in her little clan of girlies when nothing else will do OR..their allowance is running low. And yes…sponsoring the dance team’s  dinner.  ??Whatever the reason, we are a close family here at Cafe’ Paradee. Whether you are our blood kin or you are a customer. We love seeing you. And I can assure you, after the first visit through our red French door, we look at you as family. We love hearing your story. We love seeing your lovely faces. And surely, we are blessed to watch over this safe space. For everyone, no matter their income, title, race, age or gender…everyone needs a safe space. And we cherish and delight in the fact that we are this habitation and space.


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